Nature Republic Argan Hair-Care Set

I’m so excited to write my own review of the Nature Republic Argan hair care line! The Nature Republic Argan line has become such a KBeauty cult favorite with rave reviews all over the interwebs. Anyhow, cutting the chase and getting to the point:

I used this yesterday during shower. (My hair reaches my derriere, is naturally poker-straight but has suffered from split-ends and dryness.) So, this was a part of a really big gift hamper from my Japanese friends who visited me last month.  I had earlier read the Nature Republic Argan Hair-mask reviews and I SIMPLY HAD TO HAVE IT. But oh well, my friends got me the hair mask AND the shampoo AND the conditioner!



So, the shampoo and conditioner are 300 ml each, but the hair mask is 200 ml only (bummer )

NOTE: You can only use ALL 3 products if you have 30 minutes of shower time because- shampoo = 5 minutes, conditioner = 5 minutes, hair mask = 10-15 minutes. So yeah 5+5+10/15 = 20/25 minutes.

The shampoo is transparent and thick in consistency, has a pleasant (but not overwhelming…it reminded me of the Garnier Fructis shampoo I used as a pre-teen) and extremely effective. I have hair that reaches my butt and I only squeezed the nozzle one and a half times and carefully slathered it on my hair. After five minutes of rubbing and leaving it on, I rinsed the product off my hair and proceeded to the conditioner.

The conditioner is creamy white and thick in consistency. The application is smooth and I squeezed the nozzle twice to completely cover my hair with the product. Then I turned to scrubbing myself for the next five minutes while the product sat on my hair and worked itself out.

The hair mask was applied after I washed my hair once again. 3/4th of a tablespoon was enough to cover my hair surface and I carefully put on a shower cap and wrapped myself in a towel and proceeded to wash my lingerie and clean the wash-basin slab (time-utilization for the win!).

After fifteen minutes, I removed the cap and washed my hair for the third time and then wrapped my hair in a towel.

Once my hair was semi-dry, I took a wide-toothed comb and YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT, I didn’t have a single tangle! The comb just went through so smoothly! I didn’t apply any kind of hair serum or leave in conditioner because I wanted to see just how good this hair-care set is, and OH MY GOD, IT IS AMAZING! It’s like the Hair Goddess (if there was one, ever) came down with her gift to humanity and gave me this amazing hair spa treatment! My hair was as soft and shiny like that of a child’s and I couldn’t help myself from rubbing it against my face. The shine is not too strong like keratin treatments, but it’s so natural and so pleasant to look at!

I went to meet a friend just a while later when my hair was completely dry and he said something like, “Why’re you looking better than usual…shinier?” LOL.

Me, looking all happy with my freshly shampooed, conditioned, and masked hair.

Honestly, my hair has NEVER acted this awesome before, EVER. If I have to rate this range then it would be:

Quantity: 3/5 (I wanted more quantity for the price my friends paid for it)

Scent: 4/5 (It’s not bad, it’s nice, but it doesn’t smell of flowers and I love floral scents)

Effectiveness: 7/5 (LOL yeah, it was such a great experience, I can’t get over it still)

Packaging: 4/5 (It didn’t leak or anything when my friends carried it from Japan, the bottles are earthy in color, but sort of basic and minimalist without any cute designs.)

Overall: 5/5 (I LOVE how the products worked on my hair! I can totally ignore the basic packaging and design as long as they function perfectly. The scent is pretty good too! I don’t think I should be fussy with this set of hair-care really!)

Well, this is the end of a rather long and excited review, lol. Thanks, if you’ve read up till here!

Always remember that skin and hair-care will stand out way more than clothes! Treat yourself to the very best and don’t ever neglect your problems!


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